A brand new boat design goals to revolutionise transport and put an finish to the period of fossil-driven cargo ships. Oceanbird is a sail-powered idea vessel created by Swedish ship design agency Wallenius Marine. Oceanbird makes use of aircraft-like wing rigs over conventional sails. The rigs are tailored to a 200 metres lengthy and 40 metres broad cargo vessel and might be tailored which is helpful when passing below bridges or if the floor space must be diminished because of robust winds. A specifically designed hull means an early design primarily based on a automotive service transporting 7,000 autos may cross the Atlantic in 12 days. The ship can scale back the quantity of emissions on a journey by round 90 per cent when in comparison with a standard cargo ship. Apart from decreasing air emissions, Oceanbird may also lower sound air pollution within the water since there are not any sounds from turbines or engines however propeller cavitation. It will imply quite a bit for whales and different marine mammals which depend upon listening to for navigation, replica and discovering meals. The goal is to sail the primary Oceanbird vessel in 2025.