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Car Shipping California.  California is the land of the bold and beautiful.  To the outside world, when you say California, it means stars, movies, music, and back in the days, gold rush.  In the United Stated, California is very popular place to visit and vacation.  California is huge, so huge it has northern and southern part.  A lot of millionaires reside there which make the state the largest economy in the country.  California was even compared as a country of its own.  Thanks goodness for the union.  The state is rich in trade, finance, education, health and lastly transportation.

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Transportation has become a mega industry and California has been known as having some of the most difficult roads in the country.  It has been reported in a media report on performances of state highway systems in the country.  California ranked as the third worst, in the footsteps of Alaska and Rhode Island, imagine that. It is due partly to the overpopulation of the state, and the obsession with stardom.  We sure had a lot of that success and those fortunate buy houses and cars that develop into a severe traffic chaos in many parts of the state.

Ship Car to and from California

California is the hub from the east therefore, its many seaports are used for cargo shipping, and the majority is containers shipping.  Some will say a quarter of all cargo traffic in the coast is shipped from California. This of course includes international car shipping.  The trio ports plays a major role, therefore California have been able to use the advantage.  The ports are Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Oakland.

If you are looking for car shipping to and from California, our transport experts suggest staying away from the stress and tiresome of driving cross country, and wear and tear of your pride possession.  Please, you can give us a call, and our transport experts will guide through your auto transport to and from California.  I would say gas, well, you got me, gas is very low now.  But, remember that there are other factors into driving it yourself, such as traffic, the toll on your prized possession.  Think about it, is it worth the hassle.  In the end, you will realized, that letting us handle your transport will be profitable to you and your family.

These include:

  • Diesel fuel current prices
  • Travel distances
  • Open or enclosed transport
  • Type of vehicle been shipped.
  • Seasonal shipping.

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