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Nationwide Car Shipping to Alaska is fairly a smooth process.  As a consumer, do your due diligence by getting the right information, and choose the right shipping company. Nationwide Car Shipping LLC (NCS) provides auto transport to Alaska from anywhere in the country.   Over 20 years experienced in connecting shippers and trucks to and from Alaska.

Our Alaska Car shipping expert can connect your transport from any city in the country. Simply provide the agent with the location of the vehicle been ship, and our partnered truck will pick it up and deliver it to the port. The vehicle will be shipped from the port to Alaska.  If you have a question, and need a quote , just simply fill out the Free Quote Form.

How does car shipping to Alaska works with us?

  1. Door to Door service via our standard land truck services with one of our partnered car carrier all the way to your destination in Alaska.
  2. We also provide services from port to port, but the vehicle must be picked up at the port in Alaska.  It is not a door to door transport service.

These services are popular among our clients.  We can do both depending on your budget.   Remember that the ground shipping can be a bit pricey because it is a door to door service.  Which may also involve multiple carriers.

The popular method of transport is the door to door service where the carrier picks up the vehicle at your door steps and deliver it to Anchorage, AK.  At that point, one of our local partnered carrier will pick it up and
deliver to your final destination in Alaska.

The maritime way via shipping through a vessel simply means that we
will deliver your vehicle to a port in the state of Washington. The maritime shipping company will then load it onto the
vessel.  The final destination is Anchorage, Alaska, where the vehicle will be ready for pick up at the port.

Shipping your car to Alaska process by our transport specialists advise our customers to

schedule their transport as early as possible.  The earlier the better is ideal due to the demand and pricing

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